Whether you would like to make simple adjustments or profound changes, South Beach International Makeovers has a makeover for you.

Are you ready for a Fabulous Look and a New Outlook?

Your presence plays an important role in all areas of life – your relationships, your career, your personal and spiritual growth, your recreation, and more.  Presence comes from within, and deeply effects our levels of success as well as our overall quality of life.  When we radiate a powerful presence, our assets and the signature qualities which make us unique naturally emerge. Beauty and presence within can be accentuated and creatively expressed through our wardrobe and style.

At South Beach International Makeovers, I specialize in transformative and sustainable inner and outer makeovers by working with one or more of four core areas:  Style and Wardrobe, Beauty, Agelessness, and Shape-shifting.

I invite you to explore these pages and discover what is possible.


We have a wide variety of services to fit the multi-dimensional you!


How you express your style does make an immediate difference, in your career, relationships, social life, self-esteem, and more.

Radiate the gorgeous you through a combination of simple enhancements and profound inner shifts.

When you access the place within that is beyond age and time you gain a youthful freshness so impactful that it will be difficult for people to guess your age!

Shift your physical shape and take great pleasure in cultivating a healthy body image and a refreshing wardrobe which compliments you.





Louise Lee of Miami, Florida has been getting an ongoing makeover. 

Every couple of months Selena
works with her on one or more
aspects of her makeover. 

Click Here  to read Louise’s account
of her makeover experience.



During the lowest point in my life, you set in motion my total transformation into a feminine, glowing woman. My transformation is so true to me...Selena, I love you!

— Felicia Louey, Hong Kong
Co-owner, Global Retail Ltd. Asia


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