South Beach International Makeovers will develop a plan that resonates
with you and your lifestyle.

Selena took the depth of compassion from my heart, the intensity of my light, and the warmth of my humor, and taught me how to wear these energies with comfort.  She brought out the best in me, taught me to carry my strengths in front of my weaknesses, and shape-shifted my body 6 sizes smaller.
Starr Fuentes, Hot Springs, AR


Spark the passion that comes with a healthy body image.  Your body image can impact every area of your life.  As you heal any image distortions, an exquisite beauty, style and agelessness is set free. 

I have tried many different ways to lose weight and improve my eating habits over the years.  When I worked with Selena, I realized that she has a unique and magical way of transmitting her own experience into me, making it easier for me to absorb and practice her suggestions. Her compassion and humor made me feel so at ease...and since I never felt judged or criticized, I was more willing to make the small changes she gave me to try.  I am glad I did not end up following another strict regime and harsh diet. Selena also helped me with my wardrobe by downloading wonderful colors for me to work with. She has an amazing gift for transforming human beings.
Christina Malone, Nashville, TN