Beauty deals with engaging the harmony and truth of who you are. Identifying any patterns that may have been covering up or minimizing your beauty, and shifting those patterns helps excavate the truth and harmony inside and radiate the gorgeous you.

We may assist you with:

Finding a hairstyle and color which brings out your beauty and suits the image you want to present, in harmony with who you are NOW

Choosing makeup colors and application techniques to enhance your Beauty NOW
Selecting products that nurture your skin and body
Including pampering practices in your daily life
Harmonizing your beauty assets by making inner shifts

Your Hair
The style and color of your hair is an essential element of your style and of radiating your best, and can also be seen as an accessory to the outfit you are wearing.  It is important that your hairstyle and color reflect who you are on the inside as well as enhance your best physical features and blend harmoniously with goals and your day-to-day environments.  Choosing an inappropriate color can wash out the appearance of the skin, while choosing an appropriate color can bring a person’s best features to life as well as youth them.  

Your Skin

Your Self-image

Your Inner Beauty

Your Makeup


I am so glad I spent time with Selena! She looked into my life, observed where I was stagnant, and then helped me to eradicate obstacles in the way I viewed myself. Selena opened me up to new stylish energies which I've been able to embrace. I've received a lot of compliments on how I look and the energy I exude--even people I've known for a long time have commented about how I've come into my own. For me, this has been huge! As a country singer and man in his late 40's, working with Selena has been a wonderful and exciting transformation for me, both inward and outward.
—Roy Rivers , Hot Springs, AR