Your Style—WOW comes alive when your inner presence is accessed, highlighting the signature attributes that make up who you are as a unique individual. 

A Fabulous Wardrobe and Style:

  • Accentuates your inner and outer assets and minimizes perceived flaws.
  • Communicates messages congruent with who you are, your values, and your objectives.
  • Attracts to you the types of things, people, business and events you would like to attract.
  • Interacts with others in a positive, empowered, and successful manner.
  • Is sustainable.  The clothing, accessories and outfits chosen are realistic for you to maintain and blend well with your lifestyle.
  • Is evaluated periodically to keep current with who you are NOW and your evolving goals, lifestyle, and personal growth.

A wardrobe and style makeover with South Beach International Makeovers ignites
a fabulous look and brings to light a refreshed outlook. 

Selena changed my view on clothing and style. I found out a lot about my how to bring my inner beauty to the surface. Afterwards, I threw old things out of my wardrobe and bought some really nice new clothes. And then, I kept getting all these WOWS! from friends and colleagues about my new style. Thank you, Selena!
---Laura Wachter,  Munich, Germany