Louise Lee of Miami, Florida decided to do her makeover in stages. 
Every couple of months, Louise does a part of her makeover.  
Stay tuned for continued updates on Louise’s evolving makeover!

 Here is Louise’s personal account of her makeover experience:


This is me in August 2008, before I began my makeover.  In Spring 2007, my teacher Starr Fuentes recommended that I get a makeover with Selena.  At the time, I found the idea shocking, and it took over a year before I decided to actually do it.

In September 2008, I began my makeover by doing the Harvest Moon Youthing Ceremony, which Selena facilitated at my house.  In the months following the ceremony, a number of people commented about how good my skin looked.   Doing the ceremony and what other people and I observed in the months following gave me a lot of hope.

In November 2008, I did a Color Session with Selena.  In the session Selena did a mini-closet reading and identified my WOW colors, which include deep pink, spring green, and medium purple.   Cadet blue was also a WOW color for me physically, however Selena told me not to wear blue for 6 months, because I wanted to get rid of my sadness and the blue would accentuate the sadness.  She also mentioned that through the color session we would bring out my playfulness.   And she said to get rid of most of the items in my closet. 

Soon after the session I made a large clothing donation and I archived a few of the blue items.  I made a quick trip to the mall and my favorite online shopping sites, and filled my empty closet with bright pinks, spring greens, and medium purples.   It was nice to have so much space. 

Right away I began to wear my WOW colors, and immediately got numerous compliments from my surprised friends. I had never worn pink, much less dark pink!  In addition to complimenting me on my physical appearance, many people commented that I looked different and more energetic.  For the first time in decades, people were saying WOW when they saw me.

Several months later, I realized, much to my surprise, that my sadness was gone.   The sadness had been with me for so long that I had not even been aware of it.  Letting go of so much sadness was something I had never expected from a makeover, and my enthusiasm for continuing with the makeover was guaranteed.

Also during November, I took Selena’s Energetic Face Lift class, which is a way to use energy to firm and lift the skin.  After the class, I was able to do the face lift on myself.

By January 2009, I was ready for the next stage of my makeover, the 4-hour Hair Style and Color Consultation.  Selena took my photo, and at the end of the consultation presented me with photos of myself with a variety of recommended hairstyles and colors.  For each style and color Selena told me what that style and color would do energetically and in my life.  She gave me her top 3 recommendations, and I chose number 3.   Selena also referred me to a talented hair stylist in Miami.

At the time I was also experiencing the effects of chemical toxicity and Selena noticed that.  She referred me to a practitioner named Dr. Suzanne Aubrey (www.aubreymedicalalternatives.com), who could determine the extent of the chemical toxicity and treat me for it .  Dr. Suzanne Aubrey confirmed that it would be wise to delay coloring my hair until the toxicity was cleared.      

So I got my hair cut and styled, and….WOW! 


My new haircut felt bouncy and feminine.  I thought I had received a lot of compliments on the clothing colors, but when I heard the compliments on my hair I started actually believing them.    People said I looked different, younger, softer.  I looked younger and more alive, and some people actually used the term playful!!

In April 2009, I got the OK from Dr. Aubrey to color my hair.  This was something I never thought I would do, but the success of the previous changes had made me more open to new possibilities.  I took the plunge and did it.  It took me 2 weeks to adjust to the color, and it wasn’t easy.  The reactions of the people around me helped through the adjustment.  Selena had told me in January that this hair color would make me look 20 years younger.  Imagine my surprise when that same phrase came back to me from numerous friends and acquaintances!  And almost everyone commented on my eyes, and I had to admit that I noticed too that my eyes actually reappeared and were a sparkling blue.

The most interesting thing in peoples’ reactions is that a lot of them did not know what was different.  Nobody said, “Oh, you dyed your hair.”  Many people said “You look younger, you look fantastic, you look like you have more energy”, yet didn’t know what exactly had changed.  I told Selena this, and she said that when what is on the outside resonates with what is on the inside, the technical aspects of the makeover are not as noticeable, and it will look natural.  

Soon after I got my hair colored, I had a party to go to and Selena did my makeup.  This photo shows my debut in my new hairstyle and color wearing makeup.   From this experience I developed a new attitude about makeup. 

This is me right before the party:

Since I got my new hair color, I’ve also noticed that I get treated differently, especially by people of the opposite sex.

Also in April 2009, I did a Shape-shifting session with Selena.  She took my measurements and recommended an exercise and nutritional program.  She recommended that I do Pilates and referred me to a great instructor.  I had no idea what Pilates was and thought it was an odd choice.  A friend of mine also had a shape-shifting session with Selena around the same time and received completely different recommendations.  This confirmed for me that the exercise recommendation Selena made in my session was tailored to me and was not a cookie cutter formula.  As soon as I had my first Pilates session I knew it was the right exercise for me.    Selena also jump-started my shape-shifting process energetically by running a Light Language grid.

In June 2009, an emotional piece came up for me, and Selena made an important connection between my weight and a past trauma.  We did some healing work on this issue, and from that point forward I began to see changes in my shape, and others began to comment to me that I was looking slimmer.

August 2009.  My feet never liked shoes.  Some years ago, shoes stopped being comfortable and in the last few years my shoe collection had deteriorated to a few pairs of sandals that didn’t hurt my feet but weren’t exactly pleasing to the eyes.

Here are some examples of the sandals I typically wore before going Shoe Shopping with Selena:  

Louise’s shoes BEFORE shoe shopping

I’m also not an enthusiastic shopper.  Before we set out to buy shoes, Selena assured me that I would enjoy the experience.  Once again I went along, not knowing what to expect.  After being fortified with a hearty breakfast, we went to a large outlet mall that I had only dared visit once or twice.  We began by making quick forays into three stores, where I tried on some shoes and we quickly eliminated the styles that were not going to work for me. 

The fun started in the fourth store, where there were lots of colorful choices and some really good styles.  I found a number of shoes that were good – they were almost “it” but they weren’t WOW.  Then I found a pair of green espadrilles.  Selena had told me about the pitch of the shoe and how important it is to shoe comfort.  This shoe is the perfect example.  It’s higher than anything I’ve worn in years, so I get to be about three inches taller and comfortable at the same time and they look fantastic!!!  

From this moment, things began to Click.  I began to find myself naturally drawn to shoes that were both attractive and right for me.  We began to move more quickly, and along the way I learned about wobble.  We found several pairs of shoes that looked perfect but when I walked in them they were not structurally sound.  I was learning a lot of things about shoes that I had never been aware of.  At that point we went to another shopping center.   There we found a gorgeous pair of purple patent leather heels with bows and a fun pair of red suede jeweled flats.

I am very happy with the shoes I bought.  I would have never thought that I could wear these types of shoes.    With these shoes I broke through limiting beliefs about what I can and cannot wear.

Stay tuned for more of Louise’s makeover in progress in the upcoming months…



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